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All about Cam Girls: Who are they and what do they do

01st November 2016
In private LittleRedBunny - All about Cam Girls: Who are they and what do they do
Cam girls are paid performed who entertain their viewers live on the camera by sexual activities, showcasing their talents or by chatting. There are several types of cam girls and they are differentiated based on the type of shows they do or activities they perform. Some cam girls go live and engage into sexual activities like physical arousal, sexual teasing and masturbation. Some cam girls just chat with the interested person and it doesn’t contain overtly sexual content. Some Cam Girls showcase their talent by singing, dancing, hula hopping, playing musical instruments, juggling or by performing gymnastics. They also base their activities according to the requests from the viewers.

There are some risks involved with this job. Entering the adult industry is a big step and it must be thought about thoroughly before one-steps in that world. If it affects the personal life or other jobs, then this must not be considered. However, if is acceptable and doesn’t affect the personal life, then one can go for it.

What are the types of shows that cam girls host?

Public chat- This involves the Live Cam Girls chatting with a total stranger. It can be done for free. There are a number of websites which have these facilities. Public chats are free but viewers may tip the cam girl, ask her to join a private forum or a website or any paid show.

Private chat with voyeurs- Private chat involves the Adult cams where the cam girl is paid per minute. Most websites guarantee that only one viewer is allowed to watch a cam girl perform but there are voyeurs who simultaneously watch the show. Some websites allow recording of the private shows which is either offered to the person who paid for it initially or else it is sold to other users with additional fees.

 • Private chat with no voyeurs- These shows are meant only for one person and there are not voyeurs in the scene. These are exclusive shows which are available at higher rates. This is in fact, the most expensive show as this guarantees maximum privacy and intimacy.

Group- Groups include a pay-per-minute show which involves a group of people who are allowed to participate with equality. Group shows require a minimum number of customers for the show to start. They are less expensive as the price is shared amongst all the customers. This is in fact, the cheapest of all the shows. However, the level of privacy and intimacy is much lower than private shows.

How to increase the audience?

Live cam girls can increase their audience by going on the social media. Social networking websites and advertising platforms offer a good opportunity of expanding the business. Apart from that, selling additional videos and photos can also help a cam girl get more tips and followers. Viewers tip cam performers with tokens which add up to a good sum. Besides that, most cam performers

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